Bacteria – Yummy for your tummy.

KeVita®, the Sparkling Probiotic Drink.

When I’m drinking carbonation, which isn’t that often, this brand of drink is definitely one of my favorites!  I love it not only for it’s taste, but I also love it for it’s nutritional benefits! One might say, it is the good kind of yummy for the tummy that doesn’t leave you feeling full of regret and “running for the bathroom” kind of “funny.”

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Balance and wellness

What does balance mean to you and how do you strive for it?

I always used to say “where there is a will, there is always a way.” If something or someone is important to us or a priority, we make time for t
hat special something and someone.  When something is not, we simply do not.  As I wholeheartedly believed this, I would go at any length to achieve this, ironically lacking balance and sacrificing my health, fitness and wellness, and ultimately, sacrificing me!  Sometimes passion sparks an obsession which can cause that ardent flame to burn out.  And I was a prime example of “burning the candle at both ends.” As I literally sit here and stare at my favorite candle, that song, “will you like my candle” comes to mind, ha! Yes, I think in song, mainly musicals and old movie musical classics. It’s fun!

As I come back to candles and ardent flames, I literally light a candle daily, whether it be a favorite candle I have in my room (vanilla), or my own personal candle, this flame keeps me thriving. Continue reading

Finding Pearls

Walking on the Santa Monica pier, the ferris wheel turned,  the wooden pier was paved by the moon lit sky,  my clients asked to me, “Maggie, why are you in fitness? You’re not like the rest of the trainers out there. You have a talent.” I think she’s finished, and then she quietly adde, “…and a brain.”

“ Um…thank you?”  I wasn’t sure how to respond to this. So, I waited a moment to absorb her “compliment.”

Slightly put off, I shyly acknowledged her with a small yet demure smile and whispered “thank you.” And as I went to elaborate on my thanks, opening my mouth to speak, my client cut my off! With a piercing look in her eyes, she stated,  “why don’t you do something else? I really don’t understand why you’re wasting your talent and your time with this industry! You’re better than that” Shaking her head in disappointment and as if a lost cause, she walked away before I could respond.

“Wait!!” I thought, “Come back!”   Why are you leaving? What did I do wrong?  Was it me? Did I say and do something to aggravate her? I didn’t understand.

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Pretty in Santa Monica

When I was the “fittest” and the “prettiest,” people shamed me for being “fit” and “pretty.”

And I? Well, I was ashamed of myself. 
People would grab my arm and squeeze my biceps and want to touch my body as if I wasn’t a real person. Without asking, they would grab and squeeze me as hard as they could. 
Ouch! That hurts!  

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Breath of life


 A magical experience.
 Breath is the gift of life and a constant gift, given every single moment we are alive. It is the only constant we experience throughout out life time; as we may not always be aware of the breath, it is always there the constant silent reminder of our being, our body, our mind, our higher true uninhibited self. Our breath is a silent reminder of this gift and an audible reminder of our health.  

Often times, we can make our unconscious breath conscious by bringing that sonorous inhale and exhale into our existence— the ujjayi.  
Ujjayi breath is conscious breathing.  It is that forever reminder of the ocean breath; it is a constant reminder of the ebb and flow of life.  Rolling with the waves and life’s forever changing current, the breath— this gift of life is always present.  This alone, I find this quite comforting.  And one knows that I certainly like to be comforted.  Now turning that focus internally, I am learning to comfort myself and my conscious and unconscious being.  


When is the last time you stopped and took a walk? When is the last time on that walk that you stopped to look at the sights around you, to breathe in the smells, and drink in that earthly atmosphere? Where did it take you? Your mind? Your body? And your everything?

I often forget to stop and smell the roses, enjoying the journey and each colorful experience along the way. Yet, today I was reminded to stop and literally smell the roses.  As I went for a walk I couldn’t help but notice each and every bloom my eyes came across, unique in not only color but also smell.  I was reminded of the journey and how enjoyable it is meant to be experienced and how it is meant to be lived. It was on this walk that I decided to take the advice of that age-old cliche and “stop and smell the roses,” except this time, I stopped for a moment to smell one particular flower that stood alone. Nothing was near it, yet that single rose seemed to sparkle, and reflect the rays of the sun as if it were an early golden globe shimmering in broad day light. It was one small but glorious golden rose in full bloom.  As if I were a honey bee, the rose lured me closer and closer to it’s succulent bloom along it’s scented trail. With each step I took and as time came to a subtle halt, I imagined what it would be like to drink in it’s sweet nectar.  In reality nothing stopped, life kept buzzing and booming, everything around me was certainly moving, but my focus was on that single rose with it’s golden glow drawing me nearer to it’s bloom and so much so that nothing else seemed to matter.

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Love the Skin you’re in.

Love the Skin you’re in!


This seems to be quite the trending topic, Self Love. Well, this is true. One should love him or her “self.”  And Dove got it right, everyBODY should love the skin they are in. Yes, everybody and every body is unique and beautiful, but the skin that covers that body should be loved and treated with the utmost care as it is the largest organ on your body! So, perhaps one should take the saying “love the skin you’re in” a bit more seriously and literally by truly loving the “skin” they’re in and by showing more care towards the actual…skin.

The skin is an incredible and vital organ at that, acting as the guardian of the human body and all things in it. With multiple layers of tissue, the skin guards the muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. Each layer contains different components such as oils, perspiration glands, sensory receptors, hair follicles, and blood vessels etc.  Thus as stated above, it is imperative that we take the utmost care of our skin and show more love towards it.

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2011 Classical Singer Article on Body Image, Health and Fitness in the Singing Industry

In July of 2011, I was interviewed by Michelle Latour of the Classical Singer Magazine, and below are my responses.

You can find her article in the Fall 2011 Issue.  It is very fascinating for me  to read what I deemed as “healthy and fit” in 2011 and to see my evolution as a young woman, opera singer, and fitness professional.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

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What a wonderful….

What a wonderful….

As I write the phrase above, what comes to my mind is Louis Armstrong’s song, “what a wonderful world.”

For those of you that are not familiar with that song, please listen to it, and hum or sing along as your read my little note written especially for you. You may find on your playlist, iTunes, and of course, on YouTube.

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