Love the Skin you’re in.

Treat your body to something healthy and sweet. Good for you on the outside and in!

Love the Skin you’re in!   This seems to be quite the trending topic, Self Love. Well, this is true. One should love him or her “self.”  And Dove got it right, everyBODY should love the skin they are in. Yes, … Continue reading

2011 Classical Singer Article on Body Image, Health and Fitness in the Singing Industry

Maria Callas

In July of 2011, I was interviewed by Michelle Latour of the Classical Singer Magazine, and below are my responses. You can find her article in the Fall 2011 Issue.  It is very fascinating for me  to read what I deemed … Continue reading

Running with Jewel

Friends joining hands, running down the street.

“In the end only kindness matters…” This morning, I heard a tune of an oldie moldy but definitely goodie. It was a gem of a song by the artist, Jewel. I couldn’t sing you the song, but just one phrase: … Continue reading

Dear Emily

Two weeks ago, my father gave me The Master Letters of Emily Dickinson. This reminded me of my passion for the creative. I sing. I speak. I act.  I dance.  I write.  I live. I like.  More importantly, I love. … Continue reading

Give Thanks

This weekend I was in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for NPC Nationals, a bodybuilding national competition to obtain the infamous procard.   I was originally supposed to compete; however, my body, mind and spirit needed break; so Quest Nutrition was kind … Continue reading

Los Angeles Championships 2013

Los Angeles Championships 2013 Los Angeles, California 1st Place Winner Class E I did it! I won the LA. I had an amazing experience at the LA this year. It truly was an honor to be with my NPC fitness … Continue reading