Chin up, Buttercup!

Up until a second ago tonight, I was feeling down, tired and out for the night.  And then, like the switch of a light, I read the phrase: Be Positively Inspired.  Like a bolt of lightning, I was zapped with energy, and my very own lightbulb turned on immediately.  And I was… inspired!

As I sat in front of my computer in disbelief, I was shocked yet oddly  inspired.  So, still shocked, I began to write.

With a huge smile and with wide eyes, songs and phrases from my childhood began to surface.   The song, “chin up, chin up everybody loves a happy face;” and the phrases “chin up, buttercup,” and “turn that frown upside down” flooded my mind.  I absolutely loved these songs and phrases!   Songs always lighten my mood, and the phrases remind me of delicious food!  There were the the buttercups from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that I always wanted to eat, and the Pineapple Upside Down cakes that I always used to make and always eat, haha.

It’s funny where our thoughts lead us; and we have the power to choose where we want those thoughts to go. We can decide whether to be neutral, happy or sad.  Like a flip of a switch, on-off-on-off, which way do you want to go? Times a ticking! And ON went my light. At that very moment, I decided to choose happy memories of home sweet home (pun intended! Apparently I really do love my sweets).  The phrase, “Be Positively Inspired,” took me down memory lane where my mood lighted and lifted, altering the entire outcome of my evening.  It literally became an evening filled with light, love and laughter. Yes, I actually giggled when I thought of the buttercups and pineapple cakes, singing that childhood song!

From one little phrase, I changed the entire outcome of my evening.  How amazing is that?  It is truly incredible how much the mind controls our every move, our every action, and our every little and big thing in our lives! And by our thoughts, we make a decision and choose “to do or not to do.” This might have been the true question Shakespeare meant to ask us.

My yoga teacher, Devin Morgan, said when we express ourselves, we “think, feel, & do.” It is that mind-body connection that makes all things possible.  All things are possible, if you believe. Again, everything is in your control and in your mind! Ask yourself: do you have that mind-body connection when you move throughout the day, when you workout?  Are you present in that moment of your movement, in all movements? Our minds make anything possible.  If you are present, you can enjoy every moment in your life and every movement in your life, making everything so much more enjoyable! Thinking about this mind-body connection and being present to experience it automatically brings me the utmost joy and happiness! I am left with the spark of inspiration! I want to “think, feel, & do.” I am inspired.

When I read that simple phrase,”Be Positively Inspired,” I had no idea that my thoughts would lead me down this inspiration-filled lane.  I didn’t expect to feel this bolt of energy and inspiration surge through my mind and my entire body. It is all because of that one simple flip of the mental switch that I was able to move, write, type and ultimately inspire! And it was me who made that happen; I made the decision to turn on the light and write!

So the next time you are feeling down and out, “chin up, buttercup!,” your only one thought, one song, and one action away from “being positively inspired.”


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